Fulvio Bianconi worked first in Murano at the age of 15 and this experience revealed to be crucial to his artistic career. He returned there in 1945 and expressed his talent in an inimitable way.

Glass designs

Fulvio Bianconi started designing glasses since 1945 like in the series of perfume bottles 'The Four Seasons' for GI.VI.M. This was followed by thousands of designs of glasses which have been performed from Fulvio Bianconi himself.


Fulvio Bianconi always considered the art of painting as a way of being. His skill developed through time and encompassed the use of virtually all the most popular techniques.

Illustrations and Graphics

Fulvio Bianconi was one of the most famous post-war Italian graphic designers. He created a huge number of covers and illustrated many books for some of the most successful Italian publishers such as Mondadori, Vallardi and Garzanti.

He also created a new style of advertising in Italy and worked for major brands like FIAT, HMV, RAI, GVM, Galtrucco and many others thus leaving an indelible mark.