Island of San Giorgio Maggiore – 2015

The exhibition of 04.02.2015 and the exhibition dedicated to Fulvio Bianconi on 15.09.2015 – 10.01.2016, organized by the Fondazione Cini through Le Stanze del Vetro was not endorsed by us because they did not come in accordance with the real conditions but also historical and artistic reality of the world of Fulvio Bianconi.

The glasses exhibited were not certified as authentic or originals created by Fulvio Bianconi (original zero or single project). Many of the glasses are attributed to Fulvio Bianconi (based on questionable methods of attribution/certification), and in reality they were never designed and created by Fulvio Bianconi.

Also, the glass or vase designs that have been exhibited and attributed to Fulvio Bianconi, of which a large number were not created by Fulvio Bianconi but by other artists, were designed in the 60’s by another designer in order to be of future potential use and production.

For this we have personally informed the curator.

The family of Fulvio Bianconi has created a dedicated website for Fulvio Biaconi ‘’ and is based solely on original works by Fulvio Bianconi, to where you can you can understand difference.

Thus, both exhibitions dedicated to Fulvio Bianconi do not have our approval, endorsement or fatherhood.

We asked to withdraw all projects from the exhibitions or report to each of them the actual fatherhood and only expose the glasses considered as copies of the originals of Fulvio Bianconi (only those depicted in catalogues of the time).