It is possible for the collectors of Fulvio Bianconi’s original works to obtain a ‘Certificate of Authenticity – Expertise’ by his nephew who is his lawful heir and sole owner of Fulvio Bianconi’s artistic archive in its entirety, Dr. Dimitri Fulvio Georgiades Bianconi.

The certification can only be carried out for all the works not included in any sort of production as series until 1996 known as ‘unique prototypes, prototypes or equivalent’ for the works of paintings, drawings, graphics and glasses which are signed or not.

Other works spread after 1996 can be recognized only if the conditions set out comply with the art. 24 & 12 under the Italian copyright law.

For more information send the relevant request accompanied by your data, images (jpeg format of all sides of the work) and measurements through our contact form.

Letter written by Bruna Bianconi (Fulvio Bianconi’s wife)

BrunaMilan, June 14, 1999

Dear Dimitri, I spent a nice weekend.

I think that an exhibition in the memory of your grandfather Fulvio should be conducted and I believe that the only person who can do it is you since for many years you lived with us and you received a continuous artistic education from your grandfather and you know all his history.

You must also try to stop this shameful phenomenon of fake glasses, since you’re the only one able to recognize the real glasses of Fulvio Bianconi. Turn to Giancarlo (Anna’s husband) of Padova who is a well-known antiques dealer, who has conducted an exhibition when you Fulvio lived and who can help you to prepare the exhibition.

I am waiting for you.

Many kisses.

Your grandmother,