Fulvio Bianconi always maintained the importance of comparison as an element of artistic growth and vehicle of ideas and emotions. There is no doubt that he would admire the Internet and its extraordinary potential of expression and communication.

This year it will be 100 years since Fulvio Bianconi was born and is considered a necessity to freshen up the aesthetics of the website by updating and enriching it in order to allow a greater insight into the artistic personality of Fulvio Bianconi.

In addition to making famous the work of an artist who silently and humbly worked for over 60 years to the creation of thousands of works of art and graphics, Fulvio Bianconi has contributed towards giving fame at the Murano glass art, dispelling the common notion that glass as material is poor art. Nevertheless, just in the glass industry, we are noting the lack of interest shown by the authorities towards the protection of the copyrights, which Fulvio Bianconi has been so disappointed by in life. Unfortunately glasses that he designed and created continue to be produced and attributed in his name not only by copying the works known but also producing new works, in order to achieve greater profit. It also happens that they fail to assign ‘fatherhood’ on him with ultimate scope of not respecting  the Author’s rights.

Finally, there is a third phenomenon, even worse, generated by self-styled ‘expert glass artist’ who attribute the authorship of glasses that Fulvio Bianconi never has created on is own.

The criteria for assessment of these works of art are often deliberately altered, although being clear and well known to all experts.

There are in fact three different categories of glasses depending on the mode of creation that have a different artistic and economic value.

The first category includes the glasses created under the personal supervision of the artist in the furnace (glass oven), typically made by the hand of the artist himself (prototype), which he photographed, exhibited and eventually sold at a later date.

The second category refers to glass made by master glassmakers at a later time by copying the single prototype usually within 5-10 days after its creation; sometimes with consent (written) by Fulvio Bianconi (as remuneration for the furnace).

The third category includes the glasses made in later periods, sometimes decades later of the date of the creation of the prototype. It is clear that the value of a glass made by Fulvio Bianconi should be different from that of the works performed and subsequently attributed to him. Therefore, because of this phenomenon that disturbs Fulvio Bianconi’s fame and pollutes the image of the glass as conceived by him.

Due to the above mentioned, we follow specific guidelines:

1. Participate in exhibitions and conferences as an attempt to safeguard the originality of the works created by Fulvio Bianconi and that meet our scientific parameters of the Master’s artistic truth and history.

2. Following the necessary checks of authorship attribution of paintings, drawings and glasses, resorting to experience, tradition and the historic photographic material by Fulvio Bianconi of which we are the only owners and custodians.

3. Undertake all necessary legal action to prevent the manufacture and sale, in Italy and abroad, of all works copied or falsely attributed to Fulvio Bianconi.

4. Grant the exclusive right for limited production of the Master’s works he produced or drew (right of unpublished) as provided by the Italian Copyright Law.